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Victoria is a stunning velvet scrunchie, she is available in three different sizes, as an Extra she is a Scrunchie Purse, she is also available as an Itty Bitty or a Mini.  

If you choose her as a Scrunchie Purse:

No pockets in your favorite pair of Jeans, no worries, our scrunchie purses are capable of holding Cash, Keys, Cards and so much more and the best part is no one would ever know!  

She can be worn with many outfits, dressed up or down.

And as a mini she can be combined with our minimalist keychain and used on your little toddler! 

The Subtle Luxury of the century.

*Please note that all Victoria Scrunchie purses comes with an identical Cherry charm.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Handmade in Ontario


  • Extra is approximately 6” in diameter 
  • Itty Bitty is approximately 4” in diameter
  • Mini is approximately 2” in diameter 
  • Wraps 2 to 3 times around hair

Want to know more on how to care for your scrunchies? Check out our Scrunchie care instructions.

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Special just like you

What you need to know…

Name selection

We take great pride in naming our handmade hair accessories after women all around the world bringing diversity and uniqueness in a fashionable way.


• Extra’s are approximately 6” in diameter 

  • Fluffy’s are approximately 5” in diameter
  • Itty Bitty’s are approximately 3” in diameter
  • Mini’s are approximately 2” in diameter

All sizes wrap 2 to 3 times around hair

* Mini’s can wrap 2 to 3 times on toddlers*


  • Toddlers 1+3 Years head circumference 18"-20"
  • Preteen 3-12 years head circumference 20"-22"
  • Adults 13+ years head circumference 22"-24"

Hair Scarf

  • Adult size hair scarf Approximately 35” in diameter
  • Kids size hair scarf Approximately 23” in diameter 


Just like your clothes, your scrunchies are made of fabric and can be washed! For the safety of our scrunchies we have two recommended ways to wash your scrunchies!


  1. Always separate your lights and darks from each other to wash separately
  2. Place your scrunchies in a large bowl or in the sink
  3. Add water to a large bowl with warm water or plug your sink and fill it up
  4. Add in a few drops of laundry detergent or regular shampoo
  5. Wash them with your hands thoroughly
  6. Rinse the detergent off
  7. Lay them out to dry on top of a towel or hang to dry


  1. Be sure to not throw in the scrunchies alone into the machine
  2. Place your scrunchie in a laundry bag, net bag or even in an empty pillow case!
  3. Wash on the delicate cycle or choose the hand wash option on your machine
  4. Choose warm or cold water with the lowest spin cycle possible
  5. We always recommend to let them hang dry